Fixed Mag 5 Cover Mar 11, 2010


Fixed Gear London just posted the cover to Fixed Mag 5 on their Flickr. That’s one bad-ass cover shot Tom! Great shot Jesse!

  • dang that looks good. photo by me, Jesse Johnston!!!

  • That wallride is from flat by the way people…

  • SO good.

  • mary jane

    Is Tom single? Id slap skin with him

  • aj

    delco, pop off. break stuff, limp bizkit. Philly ahhhhh hit me dawg. darby 5 life.

  • danKouriah


  • Yes! Really good photo. So inspired right now

  • brendan

    where can i read issues 3 and 4? i didnt even realize that 2 had passed since the last time i read one

  • kennykaos

    i love you tom, move back into the city, DELCO is whack ;-)

  • matt

    do work tom! delco 4 life