Fixé Issue 3 Mar 10, 2010

Fixé Issue 3 is printing and will be hitting the stands next week. Like the previous issues, Fixé 3 features two covers. This time around, the two photographers chosen were Matt Lingo (pictured above) and Cedric Viollet (pictured below).

Do you remember that behind the scenes video Matt posted a few weeks ago? Those photos were for this issue. I can’t wait to see the Zombies! There’s also a little Q&A with me in there, along with loads of other fixed gear culture-related articles.

Check out Cedric’s cover below.

Great covers! Good job guys! Can’t wait to see it.

Matt Lingo: Zombie Apocalypse

  • gus

    fucking dj with his shirt off always haha

  • those covers look soooo good!

  • Thibs00

    Good job guys!

  • We should be carrying the new magazines in soon. We’ll keep everyone posted.

  • Vas

    i love zombies

  • Mike D

    I like turtles.

  • Medic.

    My roommates photos are in this issue! So stoked.