Fail? More like Win! Mar 28, 2010


How can this be a Fail?

  • julio

    thats sick!!

  • janky

    more like EPIC win

  • This is awesome on so many levels. Does anyone have a larger copy of this without the shitty negative type on it?

  • perfect use for content aware fill… can’t wait for cs5. Mainly because I don’t feel like spending 20 minutes on removing the fail… which is the real fail here. putting fail on that photo.

  • jkelley

    I think the 1750 votes and the person who posted this are the ones who fail. This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

  • Hackbo

    If the bus suddenly stops, then it will be a MAJOR FAIL.

  • well cross that river when we get to it. for now just enjoy the ride.

  • prettyboy

    That’s fucking hardcore!

  • jamaican bobsled team

    we stay active in the off season too, you know?

  • Santiago Belmont

    really nice picture. this is not Fail at all

  • Ashley

    I think that after picture of this scenario is a fail, when the bus stops suddenly…

  • Sean Bell

    Well… no helmets is a safety fail :)