Dura Ace 10-Pitch Pista Group Mar 10, 2010

Alan from Cycling WMD just posted this zinger. This may look like a normal Dura Ace track group, but look closely; it’s entirely Dura Ace 10-Pitch. Not sure what Alan is planning on doing with it seeing as how his Nagasawa already has a 10-Pitch drivetrain, so maybe he’s got something else in the works? I swear man, if you put this on a tall-bike, I’m going to shave your mustache off.

There’s one more rare find he posted, check it out below.

Yes. That’s a NOS headset from the 10-Pitch Pista group, with the proprietary wrenches. Damn Alan. You’re a bike porn magnet!

Compact Gearing

  • I sure hope he has the proprietary Shimano 10-pitch chain tool, otherwise he’s gonna have a hard time gettin’ that group rolling. I know Alan is a smart guy, so he probably just left it out of the photo. The last couple of times I ran across these chains, they always had the chain tools included.

  • You could always rotofix the cog… That’s what I did with my Inch-Pitch.

  • C

    if he has the heaset wrenches, he probably has the chain tool as well.

    super sweet, def a piece of history!

  • Thanks for the mention Prolls! To answer peoples questions: I do not own the proper chain break tool or chain whip. I planned on making a DA10 specific chain whip with the smaller chunk of chain pictured. For the chain break tool I have one I finagled from some other ones I have. Fortunately there really isn’t a whole lot to the proprietary tools so rigging em works just fine :) Not like the DA EX headset tho. Making up one of those tools would’ve bummed me out nevermind two. I was super stoked to get them along with the HS! Oh and no worries, none of this stuff is going on any freak bikes. Tho the thought did cross my mind, hehe..

  • Dickie T

    Bishop Cycles had a bike setup with DA 10 at NAHBS. Also had Gilco tubing. It was sweetness.

  • Torton

    I have almost the same disk I’m willing to sell!

  • fink

    for the olden style da ex and 600 ex headsets, despite the very special look, you can just use a regular 32mm headset wrench on them. fits perfect over the corners – try it out! only thing you gotta do is be really careful while tourquing them down, cos you`re applying the force on only that much material…
    still nicer to have the original ex wrenches though.