Devan Mickell: 5 Stair Gap Mar 27, 2010

5 Stairset Gap from Devan Mickell on Vimeo.

Devan, you’re gonna break that fork girl! Time to get on some 4130! Impressive for sure. It’s nice to see girls pushing it.

  • damn…..really on a vigorelli? she’s brave that is not a cheap frame set to be hucking 5 stairs on. I repeat…. damn.

  • tom

    vigorelli insanity!

  • Jordan White

    Next video: Fork snap to face plant! I ain’t mad at ya tho!

  • bryan


  • Andrew

    true, that fork will come off at the steer tube. i made the switch from my vigo to street frame.

  • knarg

    most sacrilegious cinelli track frame usage ever documented

  • chris

    devan your a babe. and anyone who uses a kinsella song for a sunday edit, is a person i would gladly drink some beers with. but seriously. john is right. a vigorelli, is not meant for boosting 5 sets, stoked to see you taking it there, but get something cheap like that leader trick bike if you wanna take it in that direction.

  • danKouriah

    u GO! girlfriend

  • thanks for all the beers in richmond.

  • julio

    you need steel.. seriously..

  • Chato

    It’s okay fellas, if you break a cinelli frame, they have a replacement program that allows you to get a brand new frame at 20% below cost.

  • d

    Please get on a steel frameset young lady, your face will thank you.

  • j

    this was my bike after a six stair set:

  • first, in the sunday edit she used American Football. the song is “I’ll See You When We’re Both Not So Emotional”.

    second, we all started on frames that were not meant for this shit. John was on a pista concept, tyler johnson always rode alloy with a carbon fork. im sure she gets it all the time.

    third, that was fucking rad! more girls! im tired of watching dudes ride.

  • before i get picked apart, i was clarifying the song. chris said kinsella. kinsella is mike kinsella. him and his brother were in cap’n jazz among many other bands individually and together. its a really good song. i know how vicious people can be on here.

  • Craig

    Next up, someone 360’ing a set on a 3rensho with the limited edition GOrilla fork.

  • Now do that 12 set on the other side. haha. Nice work Devan. But seriously don’t wreck your face by snapping your fork.

  • ladyrachel

    i’m glad to see that you guys are able to comment on something that a girl is doing that is not sexually related. it’s rad to see girls coming up with support. (this is a nod that ladies are stepping it up rather than sexing it up!)

  • I cant wait for a faceplant/frame or fork breaking edit!

  • aj

    tony would pee on that.

  • Maple

    Devan no hate but you should pop your bike(jhop) instead of just riding off the top of the stair set. You have major balls to be hucking that frame/fork your crazy..

  • Maple

    Devan no hate but you should pop your bike(jhop) instead of just riding off the top of the stair set. You have major balls to be hucking that frame/fork your crazy..

  • wtf

    seems like your fixie love has got all you kids brainwashed. you completely missed bmx and mountain bikes. think about all the dumb shit you break that lasts 50x longer on a bike intended for that stuff. girls on bikes are awesome, but its even better when they’re smart and ride a mountain bike or bmx bike to do tricks. respect your skinny rims, but beat the ever loving shit out of some 2.0’s

  • Sterling

    this=stupid as fu*k. Much respect to all the ladies out there progressing sports but get a proper bike/clothing. Put some pants on you look like you just got out of softball practice or something.

  • Simon

    Just to clarify, the picture of the other vigorelli on the comments is my/was my friend Kevin’s and that thing fell off a bike rack on the highway in austin, not from a 6 start.

    ps- this video is tha shit!

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