Death Pedal 2 World Premiere Recap Mar 1, 2010

I attended a slew of events this past weekend at the 2010 NAHBS. One of which was the Death Pedal 2 World Premiere. Check out my full write-up and a ton of photos below.

Death Pedal 2 Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

One month ago, Kareem Shehab put up the trailer for Death Pedal 2. Right off the bat, everyone was way stoked on the project. The animation, filming and music was perfect for the style of riding Kareem captured in the film.

Mojos, where the premiere was held, had reached capacity at around 9:30. The place was packed. Even the Fire Marshall came out to count heads. With about 50 people waiting, they decided to do two showings. Since the video is 30 minutes long, it was easy to do this. I was in a group of people that came around 10pm, so we killed some time at the bar. Once the first screening was over, we all rode down the block to the premiere.

Off the bat, what I’ll say about this film is that it captures the personality and skill of each of the riders; which isn’t easy to do in a 30-minute video. The cast of the project is extensive to say the least. From Long Beach to Texas to NYC, Kareem traveled around filming each of the riders in their riding terrain. Every person involved really pushed themselves and there was hardly any filler tricks; so many bangers.

I don’t want to let any suprises slip out before more premieres take place, so I’ll leave it at that. If there’s a premiere close to your city, you have to attend. Kareem’s intention is to only throw a handful of premieres and focus on DVD sales for the time being; which you can pre-order now to help facilitate the process. ;-)

Here’s Kareem with Congo after the second screening. From local riders, to not so local riders, regular patrons, to NAHBS attendees, the house was a great mix of people. Check out some of the faces, many of which you’ll recognize below.

The whole event was a blast. Really stoked for Kareem and the DP2 crew on their film. I know a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into it. Be sure to check out the premiere closest to your town!

Thanks to Mojos, Trick Track, Richmond Fixed and all the sponsors for making it happen!

One more note: the after-party was a total shit show. I’m going to try to make the photos safe for work and upload them at some point. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve been to a party like that in a long time!

  • awesome write up. Wish I was there.

  • Sickerrr! Looks like the premiere was the jam.

  • It is good to see that Tony was keepin it classy!

  • …concerning the after-party photos: some of us work at places where viewing lewd/pornographic/”offensive”/sexual/violent/degrading/abusive material is encouraged. so don’t ruin the content just because some are oppressed by the moral standards of their employers.

  • Brian, that ain’t nothing. Wait till you see the party pics.

  • Q.V.

    That must be the only hoodie Mosher owns.
    Cancer Bats suck now too.

  • hahaha R Kelly trapped in the closet starring Tony Fast! Great writeup dooder!

  • Sandys Fine Delicatessen

    GALLAGHER the bull with the yellow beanie. He loved paying for everyones drink that night! He also didnt mind sharing his girlfriend,booze,money,bar tab,chumpness,and pride either

  • Premiere was a blast, raffle went great! Thanks to everyone that came out. After party was ridiculous, prolly you should make a nsfw post on trick track with the party pictures if you don’t want to post them here! Haha

  • derek

    wow, i don’t remember being in any pics. i look horrible…

  • 181

    Fun night. nice to have met a lot of great folks. at least this photo doesnt look so bad, im waiting for the afterparty ones. ..

  • that party was the jam. “yo, you in to flip a car”

    “does a bear shit in the woods?”




    this weekend was supreme.

  • yeah i just wanted to thank GALLAGHER the herb in the yellow hat for buying all my drinks an geting me wasted an sharing his girlfriend with tony what a good guy