Cycling WMD’s Freakbike at the NAHBS Mar 16, 2010

Believe it or not, I’m still editing photos from the 2010 NAHBS. Last night I came across a photo of Alan’s freakbike locked up to a fence at the Polo courts. Cycling WMD‘s always got something in the works and even though this is a self-proclaimed “rush job”, I think it came out looking pretty sharp.

Check out his post on the bike here.

  • wilis

    This thing rode very well, once you were on it the bike felt just like a track bike. No overlap as well!

  • alejandro

    id like to see a skid on this.
    pretty rad bike. dig the color and that saddle is tops.

  • Bill

    omg i want one

  • Love that snap man- thanks again for posting it!