Cycling WMD’s Assh*le Tall Bike Mar 28, 2010

Photo by S. Kelly

You just HAD to do it dude didn’t ya? Steppin up the tallbike game with the Trackolantern‘s wheelset. I wanna see a photoshoot with this thing ASAP!

Cycling WMD’s Freakbike at the NAHBS
Trackolantern Friday the 13th
Trackolantern 2

  • One of the best looking tall bikes I’ve seen honestly. Pains me to see those wheels on it though.

  • bryan

    seriously fucking sweet

  • J

    man, tall bikes just are not cool.

  • zzz

    i’d rather see the GT next to it.

    also, is that a thomson seat post on the wrong way?

  • honest abe

    that bike isn’t even tall enough.

  • atanz

    mad props to Alan from takin that tall bike out in the wind/rain on sunday. he definitely out-sprinted me on my GT a couple of times while we were messing around on the greenway.

  • Ben Azoulay

    I love those chain stays!