Crested Butte to Aspen Klunker Classic 1980 Mar 25, 2010

Speaking of bicycle evolution and mountain bikes, check this video out. There’s nothing much to say other than if you chose to not watch this, you’re missing the point of riding bikes. This is the early days of mountain biking. When Fisher and others were riding hacked-up beach cruisers down fire trails in California.

Here’s some information from the Youtube page:

Crested Butte to Aspen Klunker Classic, 1980. Part 1 of 2. See Charley Kelly, Gary Fisher, “Murdoch”, the guy who did the belch for Jaba the Hutt, and other mountain biking notables, along with bikes by Ritchey, Breezer, and Arnold Schwinn & Co. A fine look at the state of the art in mountain bikes 30 years ago. Drpaddle is the guy in the Skid-Lid on the desert camouflage Lowell-Knight Procruiser .This was one fine time of high-altitude partying and pedaling with a bunch of creative, fun, and free people. Creator of this video is unknown. Be sure to view Part 2!

Part 2 is below, it’s well worth the watch!

Man, this made me wanna ride so bad. Thanks to Nick at Charge for the heads up!

3 responses to “Crested Butte to Aspen Klunker Classic 1980”

  1. dp says:

    Those video are so good! Exactly why I got into cycling. Having Fun!

  2. vlad says:

    Anyone in BK interested in taking the train out to Jerz for a half-day offroad sesh? I know some sweet spots and would love to share them. Hit me up –

  3. good to see pbr and mustaches never go out of cycling style