Cinelli MASH Frames in at iMinusD Mar 17, 2010


The Cinelli x MASH track frames are one of the only aluminum bikes I’d ride. I’m not being a snob, I just prefer steel. Everything about them is really appealing to me; the colorway (heh), the geometry and the branding are all beautiful. If you’re in the same boat as I am, iMinusD just got in a shipment of the coveted frames. While a lot of the order is filling pre-orders, they’ll be selling a few in their shop for $850 for frame, fork and headset. Check out more details here.

  • Garrett

    “I just prefer steel over alloy”

    alloy actually just means its made of more than one metal. Your steel frames are actually an alloy also.

    In most anything metal now-a-days multiple metals are mixed to get various other attributes from them like resistance to rust or strength or whatever.

    just thought i’d mention it. Love the site/blog man, keep up the good work!