Chrome Bags: Coveted Jersey Mar 12, 2010

Jackie over at Chrome shot me an email earlier today with their new Coveted Jersey attached. It’s a limited edition riding jersey that can only be obtained by winning Chrome-sponsored bike events. Pretty neat idea if you ask me. Designed by Garret Chow of MASH/GLOBE and produced in Italy by Capo, only 200 jerseys have been made and once they’re gone, that’s it. Love the 40 in the jersey pocket. Nice refractions too!

Check out some more shots below.

If you wanna win one, check out the Chrome events page.

  • Mark


  • vicgoreia

    yeah, can I just get the model’s phone number?


  • dag

    Sick jersey. Turbo nipz.

  • newman

    i think it real fuckin ugly actually. futuristic modernist design no-color bland crap! haha take that weirdos.

  • Honesty all the way from the UK

    Yes, it is ugly, like most things that Chrome designs!

  • kurt

    I agree with the last two statements. Not the prettiest looking thing. And a real 40 won’t fit in a jersey pocket. Don’t they know those things are made to hold sparkling water? Or, maybe a handgun print would be more appropriate?

  • mit

    a real 40 ounce does indeed fit in a jersey pocket fucktard…try it. the handgun print’s a pretty solid suggestion, nonetheless.

  • Ben

    I just won this jersey in my fixed clubs alleycat