Chris Piascik: Major Taylor Zine Mar 8, 2010

Remember all those Major Taylor quotes Chris Piascik made a little while ago? He’s finally doing something with them. Available now, in a limited run of 50 pieces, is a Major Taylor Zine.

Check out more information below.

Here’s the information from Chris’ blog:

Marshall Major Taylor (a velodrome world champion from Worcester, MA), renowned as The Fastest Bicycle Rider In The World in the early 1900’s, accredits his success as a world champion to the value of good habits and clean living.

I love his list of rules:
Don’t try to “gyp.”
Don’t be a pie biter.
Don’t keep late hours.
Don’t use intoxicants.
Don’t be a big bluffer.
Don’t eat cheap candies.
Don’t get a swelled head.
Don’t use tobacco in any form.
Don’t fail to live a clean life.
Don’t forget to play the game fair.
Don’t take in unfair advantage of an opponent.
Don’t forget the practice of good sportsmanship.

Pick one up for $12 here!

  • Don’t be a pie biter?

  • “In the track races of Major Taylor’s era, teaming and cooperation between riders to physically block or ‘pocket’ a strong rider was forbidden. Major Taylor was often a victim of these corrupt practices. The term ‘pie biter’ probably refers to a rider who agrees to block a stronger rider in exchange for a share of the purse.”

    Also, thanks John!