Chris Hoy Wins His 10th World Title Mar 26, 2010

Hoy just annihilates everyone in the Men’s Keirin final at the Worlds in Copenhagen. Amazing! That makes for his 10th title. 2012 is going to be an interesting event for the British team.

Check out more info at Velo News.

  • erik

    so sick.

  • that it was. cant wait for 2012. taylor phinney also had a great pursuit. same with hammer. its been a great world. good look ahead to 2012. hoy is a machine.

  • Chris

    Can’t wait for 2012?!

    I can’t wait for match sprints this weekend!

  • Bill

    I had to watch it with the sound off because I’m at work but at the end he definitely shouts “fuck yea!” hahaha

  • fuck yea he does. lol Sir Chris Hoy for the win “fuck yea”

  • nick


  • ryan

    69km/hr = almost 43mph! dang. imagine seeing that speed on the street.