Chris Akrigg: The Maurice.0 Mar 1, 2010

Chris Akrigg THE MAURICE.0 from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Um. What the fuck. Wow. Balls to the walls riding. Chris Akrigg does it again on the Mongoose Maurice. After shaking the roots of the fixed freestyle crowd with One Gear No Idea, Chris is back at it with another Banger-filled edit he filmed while in Barcelona. Nutty! This is hands down the best shit of 2010 so far. The last few clips had my jaw dropped! All without foot retention. DAMN.

Thanks to Nick for the heads up!

Mongoose – Maurice Fixed Gear Bicycle
Chris Akrigg: Brakeless
Chris Akrigg: One Gear No Idea

  • trials precision!

  • Thats some good riding. Very smooth.

  • Fatkidonfire

    This shit is off the hook. His style is unbelievable! And Chris always makes it look so easy. Wish I had half the talent he had!

  • Ricky Butler

    It’s really cool to see his trials experience mixed with fixed. He’s one smooth criminal.

  • dan

    every other clip pales in comparison to this one. no foot retention and he’s still out tarcking all of these people. awesome

  • Alex

    This guy has some evil mystic forces behind him…and I want in! Beautiful Stuff!

  • Wow.

  • Fraz

    WTF!?!? another mindblower by this guy

  • MWA

    I don’t think this is the best of the years so far, but this guy is ripping. I love how he’s bringing the trials aspect to it more than the bmx aspect. It’s different but still really good.

    And the last 2 tricks were bangers for sure.

  • world championship title to Chris for his street ride haha. barcelona. maybe this year?

  • danny

    Better than wonka. Better than everyone.

  • kenny doggins

    best tarckin ever.

  • carl

    “Better than wonka. Better than everyone.”

    +1 on that…

  • I’d say “different” than anyone. Much more trials, much less BMX. The sprocket stall to hop into the grass hill was dope!

  • Hakan

    Finally some guy shows you tricksterhipsterkids how it is done!
    Hey Sponsors, there is new shit to concentrate on, forget about ALL others!

  • OliC

    big up the mountain bikers!

  • not the best of 010.
    but still real sick.
    this kid is cool, the tricks he does are sick and pretty inovative, but im not into trials tricks.
    i’d like to see some raw grinds or big gaps with his mtb style.
    not hating,
    i just dont think this is the gnarliest.

  • Josh

    Wow, and this guys seems to just be doing it for shits n giggles… easily the best.

  • phil

    No offense to anyone thats been doing fixed freestyle for awhile, but I gotta say, its becoming a lot more fun to watch! Sick shit!

  • PD

    Finally, Chris Akrigg!

    There are so many lame fixed freestyle videos – all full of hipsters who never rode a bike before last year – and thought they could become great riders overnight with a sketchy 180 and a bar-spin…

    Chris Akrigg shows how it’s done. UK trials genius owns the fixed freestyle scene at 1st and 2nd attempts.

    Seriously though, it’s good for the fixed freestyle scene and will push others to improve very quickly.

    But it shows that there are riders from other disciplines who have YEARS of experience, and who can out-ride anything that was previously regarded as the benchmark in “fixed freestyle”.

    But the fixed crowd was too busy discussing neon grips and facial hair to take much notice.


    Now the bar has been raised.

  • j

    clearly this is not the best edit, but akrigg IS and HAS been the best rider period. that dude can do this shit on ANY kind of bike better than anyone. and i love the way you can get a sense of his personality in his edits.

  • Alex

    He rocks because he doesnt try and do BMX/MTB etc etc tricks on a fixed, which IMO look lame because they just cant be doen with the same style and air as on the original bikes, but he rides in a way that takes advantage of the things a fixed can do, and combines this with the fast city charging that is the best thing about fixed.

    I love riding fixed, but most fixed trick vids, even from big names, look super lame, because they are trying to replicate tricks done on other bikes.

  • dontcoast

    back 6 years ago when i started riding fixed i always dreamed of doing trials shit fixed but I’m just not that crazy

    Thank you chris akrigg for showing me what my daydreams look like in real life…and then some.

    I gotta say, I so much prefer the trials influenced style over the bmx influenced. so much more flowy…