Chari & Co Exclusive: Black SRAM Omniums Mar 19, 2010

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the SRAM Omniums are bomb-proof cranks. In fact, if I wasn’t so stoked on my current Profile setup, I’d probably still be riding them. I never had a problem with them. I always wanted a set of black Omniums, but you could only get them by purchasing a complete bike. Chari & Co. worked out an exclusive deal with SRAM and they’ve got a limited run of the cranks for sale.

They won’t last long so swoop now!

  • Lowell


    I had been trolling ebay for months to find a set of the black for a good price. If I had waited another 2 months I could have gotten them with one click. I did save a big chunk of change though.

    best crankset ever

  • thats what i like to see the blacks doing something good for once

    suck fingers all day pop off

  • antihero1972

    or you could me and have had like 7 sets of those in black. I have them on 3 of my current bikes, best cranks ever.

  • I want these…
    I’m gonna have to beat up Ed for real now.

  • Chris

    sup massan