Blue Lug: Ohanami Set “Cherry Blossoms Set” Mar 25, 2010


Ok so I get the road soda part but what about the towel? Is that so you can sit in the park without dirtying your jeans? Or is it to wipe your sweat off? So confused right now. Blue Lug‘s new Ohanami set, or “Cherry Blossoms” set, is another innovative bicycle product, I just can’t figure out what the other half is for. Google translate isn’t helping either.

  • dp

    its to sit on. during cherry blossoms in the japan, the big thing is to go and sit under the trees with family and friends and eat and get drunk.

  • RyanK

    Where do i order one of those Oat Soda Holders in the US of A?

  • I know. I linked it in the post…

  • Nat

    It’s a picnic blanket, duh

  • prettyboy

    It looks like a reusable (polypropylene) shopping bag.

  • I’m in Tokyo now, and these tarps are hilarious. They call them “Leisure Sheets”. No one will sit on the ground without one. For Japanese, looking at cherry blossoms equal’s sitting on a leisure sheet and drinking tons of beer!