All City Video Bike Check: Shea Hardacre Mar 31, 2010

Dropout Video Bike Check – Shea Hardacre from DPH on Vimeo.

Shea recently got swooped up by All-City for sponsorship and he’s stoked beyond anything else to be riding the new Dropout frameset. Here’s a bike check Shea did for Trick Track and All-City, along with some riding. Looking good man!

  • Thanks dude!!

    I don’t think you properly captured my level of stoked-ness though. Haha.

  • JeffPuckett

    peg’s gonna void that warranty… oh wait, free frame.

  • scissorneck

    booooooooooom.. didnt hfwido start his bike check with the boooooooooom….. prolly just playin around tho………..sweet check

  • cc

    that dude does an excellent tom mosher impression!

  • Eilif Knutson

    very cool, that guy deserves it, hes been working hard ever since i started seeing his videos.