36t Profile Racing Splined Sprocket Installed Mar 15, 2010

I finally got around to taking photos of my Bruiser with the new Profile Fixed ( @profileracing ) 36t Splined Sprocket installed. One of the reasons some people may have taken a disliking to it could be because they were viewing it as an object without context and not installed on a bike. Even with the raw-polished finish, it may still look cheap to some. But that’s the finish, not the sprocket itself. This thing is straight off the cnc bed and man, it’s really well detailed.

Check out some more photos and a further write-up on it below.

Personally, I really like it but I also really liked my Tree Lite Splined Sprocket; I never had an issue with it. I think Profile and Tree’s relationship has been a good one and I don’t anticipate that changing. Remember, Profile initially made their NoBoss cranks to go with Tree’s Lite sprocket and Tree made their 48-splined sprockets to go with the Profile-developed bottom bracket spindles.

Bottom line is this; support your US-made bike components. It’s not easy to compete with the overseas markets when it comes to components. Profile has done a lot to support the fixed scene and Tree continues to produce beautifully-machined sprockets that allowed us to ride fixed BMX drive-trains without hassles!

Here’s the sprocket, slammed against a small spacer with a euro BB. Installed with the 5 1/4″ fixed spindle, it gives a pretty great chainline.

Hopefully these photos help show the sprocket in a new light, rather than against a white background. They’ll be anodizing them soon as well, so check the Profile Fixed site for updates.

Small note: thanks to Nick at Charge for hooking up a Buckett saddle. Really digging it! Thanks Nick!

36t Profile Racing Splined Sprocket in at Milwaukee
Profile Fixed: 36t Splined Sprocket Prototype
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Review: Tree Lite Splined Sprocket

  • I love Profile and I have the 25th spline drive on my BMX along with lots of other Profile parts, but I have noticed the flower design “borrowed” from Tree doesn’t seem to hold up as well as the original. Having rode the Tree lite and and Profile, as well as work on them in the shop. The Profile design seems to loosen up quite a bit, the flower starts to fall out (when disassembled) and you can feel the gap while riding/braking. Have you noticed this at all? I think It was 2-3 weeks of riding before it was noticeable. However the tree sprocket is still solid after months and the same can be said for the Volume Krull, it is strong as ever too….

    I have only seen this on fixed gears that have had them installed all the BMX and Dirt Jumpers we put them on are fine. Just curious to see if this new version is stronger…

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    That looks like the standard Euro BB, not the outboard. I would imagine the outboard would throw your chainline off pretty bad, hence Profile making those offset spiders.

  • Tyler

    I contacted profile, and they said the internal BB gave the best chainline when using a sprocket, but you’re using the outboard BB. you’ve used both, do you prefer one of the other? is the difference noticeable?

  • Shit, Jerry, you’re right. I thought it was the Outboard. DAMMIT. Thanks for catching that one!

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    FWIW, the standard Euro BB makes for a much happier chainline.

  • j

    bless your heart prolly tryin to sell the shit outta this thing, but its a dud. curb appeal dont lie and that aint got it. nothing personal against profile, have their new hubs amongst other things, but the bottom line is profile JUST MAKES TERRIBLE LOOKING SPROCKETS! PERIOD. history dont lie either check it.

  • Michael, (and anyone else who has questions or issues with any Profile product),

    If your sprocket is loose after 2 weeks, we want to know about it. Don’t be scared to email or call us. My email is christian at profileracing dot com. Our phone number is seven two seven 391.7370. We’re here until 4pm eastern.



  • J,

    I’m not “selling” the sprocket. Just offering some context.

  • SandCrab


    Do you prefer the Buckett over the reissued Turbo’s?

  • I like how it looks! …along with the others! Maybe I wouldn’t like them if i hadn’t ridden bmx when i was younger?
    Looks like a nice machined car part… something from moon equipment maybe?

  • j

    my bad. prolly always gives straight-up reviews no matter the branding and that we like!!