36t Profile Racing Splined Sprocket in at Milwaukee Mar 12, 2010

I put mine on yesterday. One of Profile‘s ( @profileracing ) nicest looking sprockets to date, with a 48t spline. 36t only for right now. Get yours right cheah at Milwaukee!

  • Vas

    what happened to that sweet copper tree one? that one looked a million times sexier.

  • Sloan

    Thanks. Just ordered one.

  • not into this , TREE ALL DAY. .spark the hate.

  • .spark the pacifier.

    whats the matter? you didn’t get one? clear as glass.

  • Look at me! Look at me!

  • uggggggggggggggggggg do I have to delete comments again?

  • yo, wonka…. it would suck if profile was the first to make 48 spline cranks over 25 years ago and tree made a sprocket to fit. if you want to hate on the profile spline gears you are an ignoramus turd pile

  • haha

    james for the win

  • ted donkey

    these things look like they belong on cruisers.

  • anyways…i like this sprocket, but i cant $90 like it. maybe ill be able to get one used off someone in a few months

  • Duncan

    The sprocket is reasonably priced considering the machining. I want to see one up close because its looking nice. Do you have any pics of it on your bike Prols? Wonka I know its hard to realize this but you have to understand that being a hatefull child is going to get you no where. I bmxd for over 15 years and started commuting on a fixie 7 years ago. I saw skateboarding and bmx grow to the corporate monsters they are now and the new gen of fixie riders saddens me people used to be nice and posi and now there all acting like street thugs in videos and shouting like idiots take the hate to the come up or ride a bmx. Dont turn the fixie movement into bmx.

    Prolly I hope you approve this comment. I think the older generation has some words in the matter. We cant let it go unsaid.

  • Looks nice, I think the splined spider makes more sense. wear out a $20-40 ring not the spider, $90 is pricey for a ring that is gonna get thrashed. Volume and Profile making enough spiders for whatever gear your running these days.

    And, can’t we all just get along? No time for hating, just wasting your time…

  • Vas

    yo james, no one is hatin on profile spline gears. we’re just sayin that the tree one looks better and crispier. just personal preference man. besides, everyone knows that jesus created 48 spline cranks, not profile.

  • j

    are you serious, $90??? doomed to fail…

  • Charles Schoen

    Not hatin, but this looks like some sprocket off a race bmx bike from walmart… I’m a little dissapointed, I still think the small sizes ate dope as fuck. Also if these are anything like imperials a will take my treelite over this anyday. The tree’s teeth are way beefier, and I think it’s prettier. But I guess we will see in the months to come how the competetors sack up. I thought the demo ones at interbike were decent.

  • pedalpiff

    is this sprocket as thick as the tree sprocket?

  • This one is just as beefy as the Tree Sprocket, which coincidentally, is also the same price I might add.

    You guys wanna ride Taiwanese / Chinese components, be my guest. I had no issues with the Tree sprocket and I, for one, am stoked to see Profile make this. They did make those bossless cranks for splined sprockets you know.

    Just imagine it anodized black. I think it’s the polished aluminum that makes you think it looks cheap.

    My 2 cents…

  • i bought my tree sprocket and that profile sprocket is fugly looking sorry im not into hot wheels.

  • i have a tree spline drive on my bmx and i have had a 36 profile spline drive on my fixie for two or three weeks. the profiles are good and the trees are good. im saying that you cant disregard profiles design just because tree may or may not have done it first. the profile sprocket looks different in smaller sizes and is as thick as the tree and is made of 7075 aluminum similar to the tree and is in most cases cheaper than the tree.

    it comes down to this…. you can have pride in tree, sam is badass and iv been supporting tree since 2002 when he was hand threading bar ends at the roots jam in orlando. But, dont be biased on the profile design, because if you are needing a tree spline drive you are more than likely riding profile cranks or a crank set based off of profile cranks……… get it?

  • not going to lie, but i thought the same shit as far as the polished aluminum making it look cheaper. and im from florida. however, ill rep profile all day and i dont have one single profile part on my bike. solid company, solid dudes.

  • durrty

    FLA all DAY