25c Vittoria Randonneur Mar 10, 2010

Photo via iMinusD

With the popularity of the 28c Randonneur tire, mostly brought on by the hill bombers of SF, Vittoria recently decided to make a few runs of these tires in 25c. The 3mm difference between the standard Randos may not seem like that big of a deal, but people who ride street track bikes with tight angles might actually be able to squeeze the 25c tires into their rear triangle and under their fork crowns now.

The Randos offer a great lifespan for skidding and grip really well in the rain. I wish I could fit them on my Merckx track bike. I can barely squeeze a 23c on the front though.

East Coast riders can get them at Chari and West Coast riders can get them at iMinusD. Those two shops were the first ones to get them in so act quick!

  • I run a rando 28c rear on my Giant Omnium and it’s rrRRReal close to the triangle, but fits just right. When the tire was new, the little hairs would touch the rear chainstay, but not another inch of availability! Good to hear they got different sizes now. Weird you can barely fit a 23c on your EM!?

  • I have 23c Panaracer Paselas on it now and the fork crown is pretttty tight. The rear is the same at the chainstays.

  • blair

    anyone living in SF proper should know that valencia cyclery is getting these in sometime late this week or early next. (at least that’s what they told me when i was in there stocking up on tires last week.)

  • dominic

    Thanks for the heads up blair! Will hit them up tomorrow.

    What’s the difference between reflective and non-reflective tires?

  • joowe

    these have been out you can get them at any dealer

  • rand0m

    Prolly, my 28c rando is basically the same size as one of my 25c Pasela TGs. They seem to run small. Possibly the 25c rando is closer to a 23?