10 Minutes with Super Ted Part 2 Mar 11, 2010

10 Minutes with Super Ted Part 2 from John Prolly on Vimeo.

I thought I had split the videos in half when the reality is the second part is almost 10 minutes long itself. Whoops! It’s worth the watch, so tune in as we dive into the mustached mind of Super Ted.

Once again, many thanks to Ted and 14 Bike Co.

10 Minutes with Super Ted Part 1

  • Santiago Belmont

    no homo, but his voice is really relaxing. smart guy.

  • TOM

    STA, STRONGER THAN ALL. If only fixed gear kids knew about the STA 500. I love the pierced top tube on Ted’s frame. I’d like to see a mock STA gusset even if it is unnecessary.

  • pasco

    so, there was a very brief mention about there also being issues with a splined sprocket. Did I miss somewhere somebody stripping a splined sprocket???

  • No, the interface (hardened steel insert) into the the alloy ring is the splined sprocket’s weakness. If you hit the sprocket on something, it can cause the interface to loosen up and the sprocket becomes useless.

    That’s what he’s referring to.

  • burrito_pack

    i had a STA wayyyyyyy back in 1998 it was a beast till the old style droput broke. solid design fo sho