Zlog Crew: Wham! Feb 23, 2010

WHAM! from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Too many bangers to list. Great little edit from the Zlog Crew. Tyler mentioned he was working on an edit last night, didn’t know it’d be done already!

Shot over the past few days in Seattle.

Tyler the situation Johnson
Zlog Zach Hoffner
Chris the butcher Clappe
Justin Ave

Wham-Wake me up before you gogo

  • aj

    YO! that was legit, seattle looking solid.

  • Kevin

    thats one ripping edit! i loved that double set! so sickkkkkkkkkk! and that footplant, as well as that wall ride down those stairs. sick sick sick!

  • Chris

    Sick ass edit !

  • Such a dope edit guys! I love all those spots from old skate videos. Killer edit though

  • tyler johnson

    OKAY. The situation is definitley NOT going to be my nickname. Damn it zach and chris.

  • yeah i watched it twice.
    that footplant was monsterous.

  • t-bone

    This was awesome

  • dammmm tyler johnson barspin wheelie to barspin FUCKIN SICKKKKKKKKKKK

  • Jason

    so stoked on this video! awsome riding, im lovin the direction this is going.

  • MWA

    a big old plate of bangers…..and mash!

  • knarg

    isn’t the song called “Jitterbug”?

  • brian

    looking so butters. kind of like the wonka and torie of the north west