WRAHW Exclusive: Gus Molina Edit Feb 2, 2010

WRAHW Exclusive Gus Molina from Torey Thornton on Vimeo.

Check out this video Byran Babbel put together of Gus Molina for WRAWH. A lot of super smooth lines in here. The wheelie 180 off the curb was totally unexpected. Great edit.

Gus Molina’s Soggy Hop Bar
The Kids Will Have Their Sesh v3
Revoked Trailer
Gus Bump to Sprocket

  • scissorneck

    mad props for the bigger guys riding……gotta show my buddy gordo this, and show him his body type can ride hard too.. nice……

  • carl

    wow, gus is a big boy. i feel bad for his seat

  • Dj

    I feel bad for his animal seat(rip) haha

  • man this dude throws down hard! fun to watch – though i think some curtis mayfield would have suited the style a bit better. no? ok. really fun edit, though!

  • sean[JAM]

    Great song choice. Pissed Jeans rules.