Welcome to Grime St. Feb 14, 2010

WELCOME TO GRIME ST from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

The Grime St.

A new East Coast fixed gear clothing line by Wonka, Torey, Mike from Richmond Fixed and Joey Krillz from Smashenger.

First edit is out! Just watch that shit. No words…. some nutty shit! Monster lines.

  • thatdick

    what did the other people do? why not just call it “wonka” and end it there?

  • Come on now. Don’t be that guy. Start this shit off right.

    This looks legit. Even if “clothing” doesn’t come out of it, having been around in the early 90’s skateboarding scene, I can say that THIS IS WHAT WE NEED in the fixed scene right now. Raw, quick and grimey.

    I’m stoked on this project. Looks really legit and I’m sorry, that’s some unprecedented riding there.

  • torey will ride for us, but the company is just consisted of wonka krillz and i. we wont have an actual team for some time now though. not till we are more established and have more designs, prints, and clothes.

    and “thatdick” why would i call it wonka? this is just an edit of one weekend of riding in the cold ass new york winter (and in my case riding with a cast). all three partners of The Grime are working equally hard to get this shit off the ground. hit me up on the emails when you want to place your order.



  • austin

    seriously legit.

    and way to throw in some holy mountain!

    “you can turn your excrement to gold”

  • gus

    so good.

  • Jarshy

    that was nuts…

  • Holy fuck. Atmo, Best fixed gear edit yet. I hope the project works out, I would definitely support this shit.

    Btw. Love the Holy Mountain clip in there.

  • aj

    i love all these dudes, espically mike schmitt. if ya dont know, kid is a freaking smart. he just wants to get gully aireday

  • sick edit. raw and real. stay up. keep the cadence high

  • pasco

    Let’s just say I’m a fan of the wrawh crew’s riding only and leave it at that. But what is so great to me about this edit is it that it quickly occurred to me what the difference is between these guys and me. We get to see a bunch of the failures along with the success. We get to see what it takes for a guy like wonka to land some of these tricks. Some of those bails look downright painful and I for one, am not all that willing to put my health on the line like that. If I fall twice a day, it’s a bad day for me. But I don’t huck myself like these guys do either. Hats off gentlemen, this shit was dope as fuck. Where can I order my tshirt or fitted? I’m in.

  • THAT SHIT WAS NUUUUUTS!!!!! I couldn’t even sit in my seat for that shit down the hubba – or the barspin into the stairs! Or those crashes…. Oooooooh muhlord. Super double mega props to these three for layin down the best soundtrack, too. Best so far this year, raising the bar to dunk height, no lies about it.

  • vin-E

    Ya’ll scare me.

  • TOM


  • All the shit-talk that came outta Track to the East Coast riding and now this is the fucking monster that’s been bred from the HATERS.

    What’s up now?


  • dirtjumper351

    sorry, why are road bikes trying to imitate tricks that bmxers do 15 thousand times as good. first of all why would you do jumps with a fixed gear, and ride with wheels that big that are weak and thin when you could just get a bmx and leave fashion fixies to deliver messages. that was filth
    end of