Trailer – London Fixed Gear Documentary Feb 16, 2010

Trailer – Fixed Gear Documentary from Obi 'wun' Mgbado on Vimeo.

Good crew behind this film. From the looks of things, it’s a documentary on London’s growing fixed gear scene with commentary from Andy of Fixed Mag, Juliet and Super Ted. Information is below.

Trailer for our forthcoming documentary about the rapidly expanding fixed gear scene, released Spring 2010.

DOP; Andy Schonfelder
Producer; Claire Reynolds
Animation; Pedro Gundar
Graphic Design; Christian Thümer
Music; Hyperdub
Directed & Edited; Obi Mgbado

An Inspired Flight production.

  • Apparently you need a password to view?

  • a private video? can we watch this without password?

  • ughhhhhhh it was viewable when I posted it. I hate it when that happens. Maybe they’ll lift the privacy shortly.

  • Eolone

    yep it was viewable and I watch it….
    nice but people dont worry, you dont miss much!

  • no password just hit enter!

  • Neek wins the internet today.

  • haha Neek just don’t give up. nice short movie

  • AWESOME! I love the calculation effect on the bunny hop.
    Can’t wait to see it.

  • morehartFilms

    God I miss London and all those cats! This looks very promising.

  • Obi

    Hi this is Obi, the director of the Fixed Gear documentary that was recently taken off-line.

    Firstly I want to thank the riders and film crew who contributed to phase one and all the viewers for their positive comments!

    Basically we had to take the trailer down because it was spreading way too quickly. I had only sent it to 9 people but within a day it’s already received over 1,800 hits. Which is awesome, however we don’t want to ruin your viewing pleasure. We will be uploading it again in the next month or so whilst we begin the official launch.

    We’re building a mail-out list for everyone interested in seeing the Fixed Gear Documentary. If you’d like to be added to this list drop me a message at; [email protected] and I’ll make sure y’all be the first to know when and where it can be seen.

    Thank you once again,x