The Messenger Feb 13, 2010

Yatika, JT and Crihs were cast in a movie called The Messenger. Here’s a synopsis of the film:

The Messenger is a short film about Kaya, 19, a midwesterner who leaves behind family and friends to follow her passion for cycling to New York City.

The film is about youth, passion and fate.

Not sure when it will be released, but check out Movement Pictures for more information.

  • aj

    i hope the sequal is call “the trick” and its all about dudes who do tricks on bikes and touch penis heads together aka FGFS aka NGRFGT- nice guys ride fixed gears to

  • hahahahahaa @aj

  • Julian M.

    what a beat concept. cool on the casting job though..

  • mattie d

    from the teaser:

    “what is me, is part of this aluminum frame.”

    might want to have their technical consultant look into that, because like it or not, any film about mess culture will be nitpicked and scrutinized by the cognoscenti.

  • we took out the aluminum frame reference — it was written before I got the bike (a 77 ishikawa i got on craigslist for 200 bucks) and because, uh, sometimes me dumb.

    but since it was temporary VO and just a teaser i didn’t pay much attention to it.

    the film itself isn’t much like the teaser, i guess, it’s more subdued because more than half of it is set in iowa. we may premiere at the BFF or at a private screening in march

    crihs shot some sick stuff for us!