Stupor Bowl Recap at Bike Jerks Feb 8, 2010

Photo by Keith Johnson

Last weekend was Stupor Bowl; the die-hard alleycat that’s thrown in Minneapolis every year. This year’s winner was none other than Jeff from All-City / Bike Jerks. He’s got a great write-up over on the Bike Jerks blog, so head over and give it a read. Congrats Jeff!

  • s

    whats the building in the background?

  • (I was wondering the same thing!)

    If it’s an IKEA, I’ll shoot myself.

    Jeff just told me it’s the Guthrie art museum.

  • Jeff from Philly won Stupor champ! Don’t forget what the STUPOR bowl is all about…

  • michael

    that theater is by atelier jean nouvel. it’s pretty interesting from what i’ve seen published on it.

    (sorry for the architecture comment, but i couldn’t help myself)

  • Ohhh Nouvel, why must you use the IKEA colors in your big-box inspired design?

  • sau

    hory cow, that looks grand. are there more write-ups on the event on-line?

  • vin-E

    dude thats exactly what I said when I saw it the first time…

  • Congrats to Jeff, I really love that photo.