Snowmageddon NYC? Feb 10, 2010

Really? This is what everyone is freaking out about? Granted, the forecast is calling for 6″ – 12″ to have fallen by tonight, but this morning it wasn’t bad at all. Still, everyone is calling this Snowmageddon: NYC Edition. We’ll see what the ride home is like! It’s coming down harder now. Maybe we will get walloped like DC did last week.

  • michaelbrewer

    Here in London Ontario canada we get up to 2 feet in the winter and thats nothing..

  • Yes, well, that’s par for the course where you live. We’re lucky to get a few inches per snowstorm.

  • Vas

    thats official. keep up the good work!

  • tyler johnson

    Fixed Gears in the snow are the best. Last winter we got a lot of snow for seattle and it was soo much fun.

  • The snow here by DC has been mostly too deep to even ride in. The snow was like 6 inches over the BB. Thank god though for my winter-bike when the roads are clear.

  • DMV

    MD/DC has been hit with over 65 inches the past two weeks. Snowed on Fri-Sat and Tue-Wed. Shit is crazy

  • Vas

    i really need a fender.


    Ha in Baltimore right now there are 2.5 to 3 feet covering everything. Shits no fun you can’t even ride in it.

  • sketchyrider

    what kind of fender prolly? need one for the houston rainzz