Snowmageddon NYC Update Feb 10, 2010

Yeah, so scratch what I said earlier. It’s a mess out there. Riding up and down the bridge was a blast though. It started to dump earlier this afternoon and now there are massive snow drifts everywhere. Be careful riding out there. There’s a ton of black ice under that powder.

Check out a video from my office window below.

Snowy Mess from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun commute. HA!

Snowmageddon NYC?

  • jayjay

    Down here in north FLA it’s in the mid 40’s and people are breaking out multiple layers of winter coats and refusing to go outside. If only the people here knew how great they actually have it. I’ll take hurricane season over snow storms any day.

  • Miketonkinson

    phila is a fucking mess right now. I’m pretty over this snow already.

  • danny

    Baltimore currently has 82.5 inches total from the week. Just an FYI

  • Yea, mike said china town wasn’t running and he’s stuck there till who knows when

  • dude, take the train, its not worth riding in that, you dont even have real fenders on your bruiser. that sks mud guard is great, but i cant imagine anything short of gore-tex amphib pearl booties that would keep your feet dry.

  • Victor

    “so scratch what I said earlier”

    That’s too funny man, read your 1st “Snowmageddon” post.

  • So glad I got out of NYC in time! haha

  • ive never been to the east coast. and looks like im gonna have to plan on only going there in the summer. holy fuck

  • Jukkis

    Here in Finalnd si much more snow. :D

  • Central Florida is in the 40’s and I bitch about riding to work. At least it’s not raining. I can’t even imagine dealing with snow. Hopefully you get a day or two off to screw around in it though.

  • Last year Seattle was buried in snow and this year we’ve been wearing t-shirts for most of the winter. Here is a little ditty for all you living through Snowpacalypse a la Crudbump.

  • All that shits still gonna be laying around when I’m in NYC next week, thats for sure.