Seamoose Acid Drop Feb 4, 2010

FAST PACE ZINE: seamoose acid drop from 2020films on Vimeo.

Andy goes through with the acid drop off the roof at the Gnar Park. Check it out! Another edit from Fast Pace Zine.

Fast Pace at Gnar Park

  • Lian

    Wait.. I don’t understand this, was that rooftop really that high to warrant 45 sec. of mental preparation? I mean correct me if I’m wrong..

  • julio

    haha that was sick. and youre wrong^

  • you are wrong

    that shit was pretty high to jump into a sketchy piece of wood

  • tanner

    haha def wrong. that shit was about 6ft high with a 3ft gap minimum.And landed first try. If you can do better by all means please get it on film and post it man! its all about progression!