Sara Kinney: BMX Bike Polo Feb 17, 2010

BMX Bike Polo from Sara Kinney on Vimeo.

Sara Kinney‘s been working with the Empire crew over the past few months helping out with shooting video. While I was at Luke’s a few weeks ago, he showed me this video. Some BMX riders came by the polo pit and decided to play a few games. She was there to document the action. It came out pretty good too.

Prolly Changes a Flat

  • Rickey Butler

    You can’t play polo on a BMX! Get a real bike! ;)

  • haha. Was waiting for that comment…

  • ;] I wonder is this will be on tcu bmx site and what they say

  • pegs + polo = FUCK.

  • chicagobikegirl

    The Von Munz Clause: “No polo player may have on his or her person, bike or mallet any object that may conceivably impale another player.” BMX is cool as long as yr not gonna take a flesh plug out of anybody with yr pegs.