River City Trick Jam Schematics Feb 8, 2010

Alex uploaded these schematics to the River City Trick Jam thread on Trick Track I’m stoked on this event and the fact that the guys are planning so far ahead will only make it better. Everyday someone confirms their attendance; so many people are coming out, it’s going to be like another MWM. Because it’s the NAHBS weekend, there will be all kinds of cyclists in town. It’s also the Death-Pedal 2 premiere, so the entire cast will be in attendance. I hear someone might be coming over from London town. Nothing’s confirmed yet, so no promises!

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River City Trick Jam Update
River City Trick Jam

  • matts

    that grindbox looks fun! i hope to see some barspin+grind combos! progression!

  • Stoked.

  • im about 75% right now…i should prob bring a few batteries…!

  • Keith, I don’t like the 75% idea. You need to be 100%.

  • julio

    hopefully it does not snow during the event…
    if it does, we have a backup plan. no worries

  • Jj

    Can’t wait hopefully can come up with th money to go up!