Riding in LA with Congo and Company Feb 22, 2010

Photo by Juan Gutierrez

I gotta admit, I was on the fence about bringing my bike to LA but I’m glad I did. I don’t think I’ve had that much fun riding in a city in a while. Not since Tokyo. Of course the Mid-West Mayhem was a blast, but that was an event, not a touristy spot-searching riding session.

Congo and the LB cronies rolled over to Orange 20 bikes after Joe from TOLA, Tracko and me had gotten some coffee. From there, we rolled out to a few spots around Silverlake, Echo Park and downtown. Eventually we had like 20 people riding around through LA.

Juan snapped a few shots at a few spots we hit up. Check them out below.

Photo by Juan Gutierrez

I’ll put my shot up first, since it’s embarrassing compared to Congo’s.

Photo by Juan Gutierrez

See? Told you so.

Photo by Juan Gutierrez

Congo’s a big guy and man, he’s got ups for days. Was really impressed with his riding. Really smooth and steezy.

  • Michael Trewartha

    I was definitely able to come down to LA and ride with you guys, but my friend decided to not let me in on it :( Hit me up next time though 714-227-8681

    I’m the kid that you gave the Calendar to at MWM btw hah :)

  • beaver


  • uh ooh i smell a man date

  • OC!!!! You coming to rva trewartha?!? Bring the Aussie

  • Michael Trewartha

    Nah I cant make it to RVA. You come to fucking Downtown Showdown Antonyo.

    I’ll bring candy hahahah