Restrap Foot Retention Feb 23, 2010

Yorkshire, England-based Restrap is looking to solve the problem people have with Powergrip-style foot retention; no adjustability. The Velcro enclosures solve that problem. Restraps are made from heavy-duty recycled nylon and come with all the necessary hardware. More information soon.

  • aj

    uh oh. feetbelt.

  • harry

    They look good. How much are they gonna be?

  • levenger

    Uhh? Is it just me, or does the angle of the strap on that first pic look all wrong? How you gonna get your foot square in that? If it twists out, then show that shit in your pic. I think fundamentally this is all wrong; the support is at front and back, instead of side to side. Could be wrong. Dig the re-used webbing/approach though.


    the straps go from behind your front toe over and across to the side of your foot. if adjusted correctly, they’ll hold your feet in just fine with the option of a quick release.

  • Mark

    Ive got one of first pairs they run nice defo recommend. cheers nate

  • prettyboy

    This system does work. Even though they are bound at the front and rear of the pedal, it’s where they leave the pedal body that counts. So it feels like they are bound at the corners. The good thing about this is that when you put your foot in (diagonally)and twist it to line up with the pedal it shortens the strap binding your foot tighter to the pedal. This is also the bad thing about this system.
    I have been making something similar for over a year now but haven’t officially released them yet. I don’t like using them and I don’t like making stuff I don’t use. Some people have them and like them. Also there has become a positive shift with manufacturers towards how the foot enters the strap.
    If I ever get around to releasing them properly they will be the rear entry style.
    If you want to have a look at the prototypes I did then have a look in the gallery,

  • oh snap!

  • bigE

    I’m running a pair of these bad boys, they are really well made, super strong with secure metal eyelet holes and the velcro double strap is easily adjusted quickly, and for the price i’m not complaining! cost me less than 15 bar!!

  • andy

    i can vouch for these, bombproof.

  • solid when you need to skid or pull off some mad jumps, nuke proof and so easy to bail out of. Until you ride these, you won’t understand how amazing these are.