Ray’s MTB Park Opening in Milwaukee Feb 17, 2010

Photo by Cody York

No, this isn’t the Milwaukee park, this is the Cleveland park. It’s true though, Ray’s MTB Park will be opening a warehouse-sized park in Milwaukee. I’m sure the dudes in MKE are going apeshit. Future details as events warrant. You know what I’m thinking; MWM 2011?


  • aj austin

    found my excuse to go back!

  • Hands down rays is the funnest indoor park ive ever ridden!

  • Russell

    The apeshit’s gonna be knee deep soon here in the 414!

  • MWM ’10 will have the first fixed trails jam at this place!

  • Alex

    From the Ray’s “Rules” page:
    No hybrid or road bikes. All other bikes welcome.


    Should be interesting to see how thats interpreted. You also have to have a brake.

  • Vas

    Damn it Ray, open one up in NJ, or at least PA or something. I’m sure rent and insurance would be killer, but damn it Ray, save up your pennies!

  • danny

    @vas: baltimore makes more sense than NJ or PA, we’ve got plenty of empty warehouses and cheap rent.

  • Don’t you mean MVM 2011?

  • phil

    i imagine jumping a spine on a fixed gear looks horrid

  • oldtowne

    stay away fixies, you have Riverwest and whatever Bayview is…