Quarter Productions: Filming Myself in the Snow Feb 16, 2010

Filming Myself in the Snow from Quarter Productions on Vimeo.

Quarter Productions, the guy who filmed Sean Milnes’ OPEN bicycle edit and various other projects for OPEN, spent some time filming himself riding in the snow recently. It’s short and sweet; only took him 3 hours to make. Came out nice Steve. Is that your apartment? Mini FTW.

Other information from the Vimeo page:

5D MkII w/ Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 is my camera.
Efterklang – “Mirador” is the song you heard .
iloveqp.com is my website.
Openbicycle.com is where I fix my bike.

Open Bicycle – Sean Milnes
OPEN Opening Video

  • Nah that’s my studio I have with Keena. You should come through for sure next time you are in Boston!

  • shea


    plug that shit stebs!

  • morehartFilms

    FUCK YA! That’s beautiful brother.

  • Harry

    Awesome. Its like “Let the right one in” but with bikes instead of vampire kids.

  • Vas

    sweet edit. loved it.

  • stebs, you continue to blow me away. cant wait for the next!