Profile Racing: Spline Drive Spider for Outboard Bottom Bracket Feb 25, 2010

Everyone knows the better your chainline, the more efficiently your fixed gear operates. Knowing this, Profile developed a new Spline Drive Spider for their new Outboard Bottom Bracket. The spider sits over the cup on the drive-side, allowing you to slam the ring and giving you a more efficient chainline. Not bad!

Check out some more information and an additional photo below.


Here’s what Profile has to say:

The Spline Drive Spider for Outboard BB’s is designed to improve your chainline. It places the chainring over the bearing and cup itself, so that the chainline is closer to the centerline of the bicycle.

Machined from a thick plate of aluminum, the Spiders have a Heat Treated CrMo Steel insert pressed into them to mate with the splines on your Profile BB Spindle.

Four Arm (104bcd) versions are available now in many of our colors, and 5 arm (110bcd) will be available very soon.

Via Profile Fixed

  • smricha2

    I know every millimeter counts and also that “an inch is a good as a mile”, but how close would this setup put your chainring to your chainstay? I’m currently running a 107mm BB with Miche cranks and there is only a 3-4mm gap between the chainring and chainstay. Just a thought.

  • Depends on your bike…