Nickname: Super Bowl Sunday ShrEdit Feb 8, 2010

Great little edit scooped up from Heavy Pedal. Rider’s nickname is, well, Nickname and this is his Super Bowl Sunday ShrEdit. Lotta wheelies, some grinds and ledge lines. Nice one!

  • julio

    nice grind of that 3stair ledge, all those spots look soo nice, im jellous.

  • Ells Bells

    RATBOY is not psyched

  • Prolly thank you for putting this up.I appreciate your support.

    BTW where is Ratboy nowadays?

  • Jose fs

    that’s our boy!!! fix set !

  • awesome nose bonk over that ledge. and that ledge coming off the stairs looks way fun.

  • Eilif Knutson

    very cool. clever tire combo. Is that a 32 in back and a 45 in front? That would be great for getting the spins in while also getting some good shock absorption in the front where you need it.

  • its a 35 in the back and 42 in the front.