Newbaum’s Cotton Bar Tape Feb 23, 2010

I prefer cloth bar tape over cork and when I can, I like to support domestic brands. Newbaum’s Cotton Bar Tape kills those two birds with one stone. Check out some information below:

This tape is made in the USA of highly durable milled cotton cloth.
We use eco-friendly dyes for a lower impact on the environment.
We think you’ll love the tactile feel of cotton over any synthetic tape on the market, plus maybe you’ll feel better, because you are using a product made with renewable natural resources.
– Adhesive back for easy wrapping
14 colors
– 10 ft x 3/4″ rolls
– Available in individual rolls or POP boxes of 10

  • True. Cork = running out. Although my understanding of cotton production is that it’s about as water-inefficient and pesticide-consumptive as anything. What I want: *hemp* bar tape. Not a bad idea, right?

  • dontcoast

    why has no “eco groovy” company offered hemp bar tape yet?

    it would last ten times longer than cotton.