New Bike for a New Year Finalists Announced Feb 17, 2010

Photographer’s credit forthcoming

Well, these are the three finalists for Leader’s ( @LeaderBike ) New Bike for a New Year Contest. If you’re a member of Trick Track, go over and VOTE for your favorite!

Note: All photos are to be viewed equally, regardless of size in the collage.

Big ups to Leader for putting this on.

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New Bike for a New Year Contest

  • Dj

    Dang,not gunna lie I’m a little upset on the fact that Gus and I didn’t make it in,haha I needed that frame for my little sister! Haha! But I guess this is life!

  • I was told you and Gus were officially sponsored so you couldn’t be chosen…


  • Dj

    Well hold fast and velocity sponsored the revoked video,so we got a pair of wheels and a pair of straps,and there is some talk of a bike company but nothings offical so idk if that clears things up,haha but yeah that’s what’s up with Gus and I,also the revoked video will premeire on march 13th in long beach at the get reel tricky there and be stoked!also there is a local clothing company who gives Gus shirts but yeah that’s what’s up


  • germ

    “Riders cannot be sponsored by bike manufacturers”
    Gus and DJ are not, also I said before (Leader deleted my post) that I thought they were judging on the trick NOT the pic quality…

  • Derek joseph

    Postby LeaderBike » Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:11 pm
    the judges are looking at the trick, you dont need to hire a professional photographer.

    its the trick the judges will be looking at.

    i guess nose pivots?….idk bout this but then it is leader,and they are mad sketchy with everything sal can get his hands on so whatever,best of luck to the tire tap,cus no lie barhop and nose pivot are not to cutting edge…

  • tyler johnson

    DJ, If you had a leader frame and got rid of it. Why would you want another one? That’s not a stab it’s and honest question. P.S. stoked on revoked. That Rhymed.

  • tyler johnson

    Apparently I don’t know how to punctuate or spell anymore. That and is supposed to be AN*

  • Derek joseph

    i put it up already tyler! haha

    but my sister wanted a fixed gear so i told her i would get her one,and i was trying to win the leader for her,i have wheels and stuff just no frame,so it looked like a really cool chance to get a nice hookup,but its over now,this contest was just sad,gus wanted it to give to a friend who wanted to start riding fixed gear bikes,so it wasn’t for us it was for close ppl to us.

    also thankyou for the kind words about revoked
    we worked really hard at it and it should be amazing,alot of bangers in this one. Everyone will not know what to say!Also i wana say thanks to you for coming to SD and riding with me months back and showing me how it needs to be put down,haha since then i have deff stepped my game up and cant wait to ride with you next time your down here man!