Mishka DART: Spring 2010 Preview Feb 5, 2010

Dart Logo tee with 3m accents

Mishka‘s DART clothing line is something that’s been in the works for some time now. DART, which stands for Death Adders Road and Track started in 2008 with an idea to support the growing fixed gear scene in the NYC area. Since then, we’ve branched out and started to sponsor riders in other cities. All the while sending promotional gear to alley cats and other cycling events worldwide. Initially we got a few shirts printed up locally for prizes and everyone kept saying we should print more.

Now, in 2010, the Brooklyn-based clothing label has created a series of graphic tees inspired by cycling’s freestyle background and a bit of Americana. Fused with their iconic Death Adder hovering above a chainring, these tees, along with a few cut and sew pieces complete the Spring 2010 line.

There are more photos below, along with descriptions, so read on!

Dare Devil

Death Adders Road and Track


Something I’m really stoked on; the DART Merino Hoodie; with jersey pockets, concealed back-mesh vents, a lengthened back and bum-thumb holes. Colors are Black, Harbor Blue and Prolly Purple (I didn’t put them up to that! haha).

One of my favorite Mishka cut and sew pieces has made a return for the DART line. The Swarm Windbreaker got a few new details that will make it an ideal garment for Spring rides.

The DART Swarm Windbreaker has longer tail, longer sleeves, 3m accents and a water-resistant coating. It’ll be available in this colorway and a navy blue with grey accents. I wore the shit out of the first Swarm jacket, until someone stole it from a party. Giving it a water-resistant coating is a must, especially with spring showers catching you off guard.

Keep an eye on Mishka’s Bloglin for more DART previews and stay tuned for a chance to win some of this gear. Details to follow.

  • TOM

    Lookin good…Except that hippie bullshit.hahaa

  • lawlercon

    man, i absolutely love all of this stuff. awesome work and i’m stoked for the line. definitely copping one of those windbreakers.

  • john, this stuff looks great!
    the jacket is so sick.

  • been wearing my spetsnaz mk.3 to work every day since I bought it in november, it’s seen some hairy salt lake weather and has kept me plenty warm with just a jersey underneath in temps down to 0°F. hopefully I can pick up some of the new stuff once it gets discounted next fall :/

  • erik

    me so happy.

  • mattie d

    That merino hoodie is rad. some jersey style back pockets would be a nice touch. hopefully its priced in the kucharik bracket.

  • I’m 90% sure it does have a jersey pocket(s).

  • Jarshy

    Oh my! So stoked to finally see a dart line! Hopefully there will be a new D.A.R.T. New Era? My OG one is a bit too small :/
    That swarm jacket is a must have.

  • Devlin

    Oh my god, that red shirt with the Evel Knievel 1 is a must. That jacket too! Wow, I can’t wait for this.

  • Hey guys, the cycling hoodie has two back pouches. Also each pouch has a zipper closure with a buttoned flap over it.

  • Lamour

    When do I get my team flow in all black? Really stoked about this line.