Milwaukee Bruiser Economy Build Feb 5, 2010

Dammit. Is that where I left my bike last night?

Kidding, of course. Milwaukee Bicycle Company, in its ongoing effort to supply the freestyle world with components and frames, have built up a Bruiser with economy parts. It’s a pretty solid build for the buck. Perfect for anyone who’s looking to step into the FGFS or FGT (fixed gear trick – come on guys, what’d you think it stood for?) world.

Build list and details are here.

  • thats for a complete?!

  • Vas

    hmmmm. that could be a perfect commuter…

  • Yep. Complete! Including those Hold Fasts…

  • Only Medium size frame?

  • ngrFGT

  • freakin’ awesome i’ma have to blow my tax return on that.

  • puckett

    john you cant take our word and make it mean something it dont. that shits racist. NGRFGT

  • Vincent!

    PROLLY, we need some SMALL Eco Bruisers! ):

  • They’re doing about 20 of these, in all sizes. Hit them up for details!

  • Luke

    It doesn’t suck so bad to be poor anymore, Yes!

  • BTW the MBC link is broken. add http://