Miles for Villin Cycles Feb 18, 2010

Photo by Nicholas Luvaul

Villin Cycle Works are working on a new prototype freestyle frame and a local guy, Miles, is testing it out for them. The Gainsville, Florida-based company is owned and operated by Alexis Dold and Joe Marchionno. After they recently met Miles, they thought he’d be perfect to thrash their frame. Nicholas went out with Miles for a day taking photos. He just shot me an email with a few photos of Miles on the Villin frame. Pretty great shots. Check two more out below.

Photo by Nicholas Luvaul

Nice wallride.

Photo by Nicholas Luvaul

Miles with his Villin.

Thanks for the email Nicholas!

  • Lian

    YOOO GOOO MILESS man I was wondering when he’d show up in the blogosphere

  • Vas

    those are some high hop bars. nice.

  • brandon

    Florida boys doen it right I see. Man I miss the sunshine state.

  • His gearing is huge and his saddle is hard, adn the dude is still ripping from what I see. Crazy.

  • rider is miles mathia ..

    check my flickr for the whole photo set

  • J

    These guys make some great bikes, they even forge/pattern weld their steel for track ends on sight… I would give them my bike dollars for sure.

  • Miles Mathia

    thanks for the love guys. i’m in the making of an edit for villin.

  • Lian Han

    yo this guy is like 18 too go gville

  • Micah

    Way to go Miles. We’re all behind ya. Gville till death.

  • Mad props to Prolly for hookin Miles up. One quick correction. I have known Miles since he was six. That makes me, ooooold. I saw him bumpin five foot airs off of a box at a contest in G-Ville on a bmx that was way too big for him. He even busted his head on one of the landings and shook it off (after a little crying) and finished his run. We’re lucky to have such a humble and talented fellow ridding for us.
    Rippin it Miles!