Mid-West Mayhem by Will Gibbons Feb 2, 2010

Midwest Mayhem Fixed Freestyle from Will Gibbons on Vimeo.

Yet another edit from the Mid-West Mayhem. This one was spotted at Bike Jerks. Aside from the music, this is a pretty good edit! It shows Antonio’s dedication to that foot jam and his 180 bar down the 5.

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  • aj

    good edit my friend, i enjoyed the slow mo of everyones bangers.

    but that song… what was that, underoath covering postal service? it was all that is crappy in metal.

  • Dont worry, Ive told Will that his song choice is atrocious. It hurts my hears.

    The edit is damn good though, and I definitely gave him props.

  • marrrrk.

    I love watching Torey’s reaction to the acid drop,lol! So much energy in the park that night, a great night indeed.

  • i think this is my favorite footage so far!

  • WIll Gibbons

    yeah, it’s a band called confide… covering postal service.. haha, well, ya can’t please err’one, oh well. Thanks though!

  • i cant believe i didnt think to hit mute. god damn grind core garbage. did dude land the nose pick though?

  • yeah he landed it. right before wonka landed the wallride