Livery Design Gruppe: ASR Tradeshow Coverage Feb 7, 2010

Livery Design Gruppe headed to the ASR Tradeshow last weekend. As a last-minute decision, the team threw together a rather impressive 10′ x 30′ booth showcasing their products. One of the features was this decked-out street track machine. Drool points over the Mavic wheels alone!

Check out some more photos from the LDG’s booth here.

  • ao

    more dollars than sense

  • io

    Shit, where can I get those camo straps?

  • tdhk

    aren’t these the same guys who purposefully asked airwalk to build them a trick fork with the bruiser specs?

  • Where the gold at?

    These guys have been pounding out new products lately. That bronze looking ldlabs frame on their homepage is freakin’ sick!!!!!!!!!

  • nothing says “street” like eight grand worth of wheels lol

  • Richard

    I don’t think they’re Mavics.
    Their website says they have an own 3 spoke
    (similar to h.e.d 3 from what I can see) and
    5 spoke (seen above carbon wheel design going on.

  • Richard
  • Russell

    Definetly not Mavic wheels – they only do the 5-Star for the front, the rear is a disc.

  • Oh I know they’re not Mavics. You guys think I’m sthhhhoopid?

  • the wheels are “Karbona” basically Taiwanese Mavic copies that you or I could get at wholesale if we tried hard enough

  • Brad

    I don’t think they said it was their wheel. They did have a nice build with a Cinelli Alter stem…drooool.