Kids in the Hall: Bike Courier Feb 2, 2010

Man, I miss Kids in the Hall.

He’s a bike courier with a death-wish. Operating on two hours sleep.

Good shit.

Thanks to Noah for this one.

  • ha ha ha I just watched this on youtube less than 3 hours ago!

  • Luke S

    Best sketch comedy show. Ever.

  • Ribs

    You don’t HAVE to miss them. They just started a new mini series called KITH: Death Comes to Town. It’s not sketch, but it’s the same brand of humour. And the character “Death”, rides a bike.

    It’s airing on CBC right now, so you won’t get it on TV just yet. However you can try to stream them here:

    (Again, not sure if that will work with you American folks out there. But give it a try.)

  • Andy

    I was at a bar up here in Canada this week and Kevin MacDonald came in with his lady. funniest of all the kids. then i went to work the next day and made a call to pre-order a dropout frame. everything is connected… cant sleep… must warn others…