Kevin Sparrow’s MWM Photos Feb 3, 2010

Photo by Kevin Sparrow

I’m sure once I post these, everyone will. Why’s that? Because they are fucking rad. These are some of the best shots to come out of the MWM. All shot with a Canon G11. Really awesome. Especially the detail on Wonka’s face during his wallride (below). Some good ones in here. Thanks for sharing Kevin!

Photo by Kevin Sparrow

Wonka wallride.

Photo by Kevin Sparrow

Antonio nose pick.

Photo by Kevin Sparrow

Slaylor 180 bar

Photo by Kevin Sparrow

Sean nose bonk.

Hopefully there will be a COG Magazine feature on the MWM!

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  • If you think these are good wait till you see peter’s photos fo our feature in issue 09!

    Thanks prolly.

  • kim key

    You called it. PC posted without giving you link love. :-(

  • Dennis Designs

    That’s nothing new. When I open my homepage rss, I see your posts first, then all the other blog just copy and paste it hours later. I ended up removing a few websites from my Yahoo reader because of that. Your a good man for supplying the world with content.


  • I didn’t take these, so there’s no reason why they should be re-linking me. I don’t really care as long as Kevin gets his photos credited. You can’t really say that everyone gets their content from me. The internet is out there. Once everyone starts looking at the same sources for posts, you’re going to see a lot of overlap.