Julien Lanoo: Vitrahaus by Herzog & Demeuron Feb 22, 2010

Photo by Julien Lanoo

Julien Lanoo recently visited the new Vitrahaus designed by Swiss architects Herzog & Demeuron. It’s been a while since I last posted some Architecture on here and it’s mostly because I’ve been waiting on something good to post. The Vitrahaus meets is certainly worthy of a post. Nestled in Weil am Rhein, Germany, the project peeks over the vernacular buildings in the area as it mimics its surroundings with familiar roof pitches and fenestration.

Looking at this project, it’s easy to see how the parti influenced the final design. By stacking and sliding various volumes together, Herzog & Demeuron was able to carve out the intersecting volumes into a showroom for the Vitra campus. Check out some more photos below.

Photo by Julien Lanoo

Exterior of the Vitrahaus.

Photo by Julien Lanoo

A swooping, sculptural staircase that connects two spaces and allows natural light to flood one of the rooms.

Photo by Julien Lanoo

Interior spaces shaped by intersecting volumes. With vistas in between.

Really great project. Herzog & Demeuron have always been one of my favorite architectural firms.

  • yep, truly awesome. some of the h&dm flair relies on quite stylized forms, but this building does a great job on creating some wicked spaces using a very classic shape.

  • This was still in construction when I visited the Vitra campus in ’08. Looks great!

  • SLC Matt

    Prolly – been following your postings for several months, now. Mostly for the bike culture, but have come to realize that you must have some connection to the architecture industry. I’m an architect in Salt Lake City and really appreciate your blend of bike culture, architecture and design. Just wanted to give you props and encourage you to keep up the great work. Oh yeah – nice project!