Jack Taylor Cycles: By Road Racers For Road Racers Feb 9, 2010

Hailing from Stockton-On-Tees, England, Jack Taylor Cycles has been producing frames since the 1930’s. The products of three brothers, Norman, Ken and Jack, these cycles are highly sought after works of art. After seeing Jack’s all built up and hearing him hailing it as the best bike he’s ever owned and then to actually see this bike last Jack about a year (he’s notorious for breaking bikes), you have to begin to appreciate their craft. It’s a shitty way to judge a bike’s durability, but it works.

Check out 3 elegant models from the Jack Taylor line below. They’re absolutely stunning examples of British steel.

Curved Tube:
531 butted tubes, lugless, round section forks
73/71 deg., 37″ wheelbase, 11″ bb height, 2″ rake, short wheelbase design for hillclimbs and time trials.

531 butted tubes, lugged or lugless (until ~1970s, when lugged became Super track), round section fork blades, 41″ wheelbase, 11.25″ bb height, 1.75″ rake, all around track machine for cinder or grass tracks.

531 butted tubes, lugged or lugless (until ~1970s, when lugged became Super Tourist), oval sections forks w/ wide pattern crown, front/rear carriers, dynamo mounts w/ concealed wiring
73/71 deg., 42″ wheelbase, 10.75″ bb height, 2.5″ rake ladies frame option.

The Curved Tube path racer and the Tourist are my two favorites. I keep telling myself “one day…”.

Images and text via Jack Taylor Cycles

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