Indy Fab NAHBS Preview: Winter Bike Feb 17, 2010

Yes. One please. Thanks.

Today the Williamsburg Bridge was a solid sheet of ice. I let my tire PSI down to 60 and trudged up and down it. That’s one way to ride in nasty conditions and this Indy Fab NAHBS Winter Bike is another. Damn. I cannot wait to see this bike next weekend. They’ve let the cat out of the bag at their blog, even disclosing great detail shots. Check the rest out here.

Are you going to the NAHBS? You should. West, East, Mid-West or Third Coast. No excuses.

  • dag

    Winter riding never looked like it could be so much fun.

  • I’ll be going, are you?

  • Justin

    If anyone can swing these 700c’s go for it

    I sold some to a guy on my team (through our shop) for his cross bike. Said they rode best at a low psi. Should also be way cheaper than the nokians and far easier to come by.

  • I’m half tempted.

  • Justin

    Couldn’t hurt.